Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is The Wall the first thing visitors to my page see, even after I designated a custom tab as the default?

A: Facebook only applies the default landing tab to new visitors. Once someone clicks that Like button and becomes a fan, the Wall will be the default for all their subsequent visits — the default for page fans.

What you can do is craft a custom tab that gives people a reason to like your page, like a special offer of ran-only content. If the person clicks the Like button while that landing page tab is displayed, Facebook should re-display that same tab. If you have used any of the Facebook Tab Manager techniques for specifying content that should be only shown to fans, this is your chance to reward that Like action by displaying the contest entry form or the fan-only video.

When fans come back to your page on subsequent visits, you can still use your custom tabs to present fan-only content, but you will need to entice them to visit those tabs by promoting your special offers with posts to The Wall.