If you are new to Facebook Tab Manager, start by reading Creating a Basic Page Tab with Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress. Facebook Tab Manager provides many options and variations, but do not let all the options overwhelm you. If you simply want to create and update content for your Facebook page through WordPress, this article will tell you what you need to know. One of the designers who uses it created a nice video on installing the plugin, if you need help with that.

For an explanation of an important prerequisite for this plugin, see Why You MUST Provide a Secure URL for Facebook Tab Manager. As an alternative, Facebook Tab Manager hosting with built-in SSL support is also available through

You can also view the replay of a webinar I conducted on September 15, which goes over the essential features and includes some Q&A with the audience.

Note: As of November 2014, Facebook no longer allows a page tab or page app to display different content depending on whether or not a visitor has “Liked” your page. There are references to this functionality throughout this documentation, and it will take a while to clean them all up. You can still use Facebook Tab Manager to present a variety of text and multimedia content, as well as application content enabled by form and contact manager plugins. You just can’t withhold content on the condition that people like your page.

Basic Options

You can customize the display of your post using a series of checkbox options on the editing screen.

These same checkbox options appear on the plugin’s Settings screen, allowing you to set defaults for things like whether links should open in a new window.

You can also customize the display of posts by including custom Cascading Style Sheets code in the “CSS Styles” box in the Options section. A second text entry field lets you specify additional html to be included in the document <head> such as references to external style sheets or scripts.

As with the checkbox options, you can set default values for these fields on the Settings screen.

Advanced Options

Here are some of the ways you can use Facebook Tab Manager:

Terminology: A WordPress Shortcode is a placeholder for content that will be processed dynamically when the page is displayed. When shortcodes are wrapped around content, the content is passed to the shortcode function as a parameter. Facebook Tab Manager uses this for condiditional display of some content with the fblike and fbtab shortcodes.
  • Include a list of headlines or post excerpts by including the fbtab shortcode with a query string as one of the parameters. For example, [fbtab query="category_name=facebook-tab-manager" format="excerpt"] would load a list of headlines and post excerpts from the specified category. The fbtab shortcode also supports the like=”1″ and like=”0″ parameters for fan and non-fan content. See the shortcode documentation.Include inline JavaScript with your post. This is another function of the fbtab shortcode. See the shortcode documentation.
  • Create a custom theme with your own CSS and page templates.
  • Add a loading… animation effect (preloader) if pages are slow to load because of large images or server-side processing.
  • Display an existing post or page as a Facebook tab by adding ?fb=tab to the end of the web address. Other query string options allow you to add basic filter and resizing parameters. See the documentation for re-purposing WordPress content for display on Facebook.

See also the Facebook Tab Manager category on the Carr Communications blog. Watch this site for the most current updates.