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Incorporating RSS Feeds

Activate the “WordPress RSS shortcode” to include headlines from an RSS feed. This works the same as it would in a WordPress post or page.


[rsstag url=”” show_summary=1 show_date=1 show_author=1]

Renders as:

[rsstag url=”” show_summary=1 show_date=1 show_author=1] Or Facebook Tab Manager On Your Own Site: Which Is Right For You?

A subscription promises to be simpler for some users who do not currently have SSL configured on their own websites. Here are the trade-offs.

Choose Facebook Tab Manager on your own site if …

  • You want the convenience of editing web and blog content, as well as Facebook tabs on your own dashboard.
  • You will be taking advantage of the tab manager shortcodes for listing WordPress blog content headlines or articles within a tab.
  • You have other reasons for wanting to SSL-secure your website.

Choose if …

  • You want a simple way of creating and Facebook page tabs, or landing pages, using WordPress editing tools.
  • You want to avoid conflicts with other plugins or theme-related functions unrelated to your Facebook content.
  • Upgrading your self-hosted website to support SSL is more trouble than it is worth to you.

Creating a Basic Page Tab with Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress

The basic idea behind Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress is to make it relatively easy to create and edit content to be displayed as a tab on a Facebook business page. You can take advantage of a number of fancier features, such as posts or blocks of content within posts that will only be displayed to people who have clicked the Like button on your page. This tutorial concentrates on the basics.

I’m going to walk through how I created a tab for the Carr Communications Facebook page.

Facebook allows businesses, political campaigns, organizations, celebrities, and other entities trying to attract a big audience to create a Facebook page (see this tutorial if you need help with the basics of creating a page). A page can include any number of tabs (the navigation links displayed on the left hand side of the page) in addition to built-in features such as the Wall. Custom tabs can serve as landing pages for new visitors, or people driven to your page by an advertisement. They can include content or application functionality, such as contact forms or interactive product catalogs.

Here, I’m focusing on how you would display content created within WordPress (text, images, maybe an embedded video) on a Facebook page tab. Continue reading ‘Creating a Basic Page Tab with Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress’ »