Creating and Registering a Facebook Page Tab

This is an update on the process of creating and registering a page tab, using the latest edition of the Facebook Developers website, which has recently been updated. The process has changed several times in the last couple of years, so this post also serves to pull together some scattered documentation I’d created on the process.

I’ve boiled it down to a 6-step process.

  1. Create your Facebook tab post in Facebook Tab Manager. This should feel a lot like creating a blog post, with some additional options for modifying default WordPress behavior to make your app fit into the Facebook environment. (See: Creating a Basic Page Tab). Once you have saved your post, the parameters you need to provide when registering your Facebook tab will be listed at the bottom of the editor screen in WordPress.


    Parameters for registering your Facebook tab

  2. Create a New App in the Facebook Developers utility.


    Create a New App option on Facebook.

  3. Go to the Settings tab in the developers’ tool and click Add Platform. From the list of target platforms that pops up, pick Page Tab.

    Click the Add Platform button

    Click the Add Platform button

  4. Provide a name for the tab and copy-and-paste in the url paramaters obtained from Facebook Tab Manager. You can upload an icon to be associated with your page tab. The Settings screen also includes the App ID that you must copy-and-paste back into Facebook Tab Manager.

    New Facebook App Setup Screen.

    New Facebook App Setup Screen.

  5. Your app will initially be in “sandbox mode” (visible only to you). Go to the Status & Review screen in the Facebook developers app and toggle the button for making your app live from No to Yes. Confirm that you really want to make it live. You should be able to ignore the Submit Items for Approval option unless you’ve done something particularly fancy, beyond the functions Facebook Tab Manager itself provides.

    Activate your app, which is initially in "sandbox mode"

    Activate your app, which is initially in “sandbox mode”

  6. Once you have recorded the App ID provided by Facebook in Facebook Tab Manager you will see an Add to Page link appear within the Facebook Tab Manager user interface. Clicking that link will now take you to a screen on the Facebook website where you will be able to specify a page you want the tab added to.

    Add app to a specific page.

    Add app to a specific page.

  • AndyMathis

    I’m getting a blank screen on both page tabs. I did this above, but for some reason the pages from WordPress don’t seem to be loading. Should it be a tab rather than a page? I’ll keep trying, Thanks.

  • Gursimrat Singh

    I have created TAB but how to make it visible publicly?