Setting Up a Page Tab on the New FB Developer Tool

Got a report that something was broken with the new the plugin not working with the latest FB API and tool updates for developers, so I created and registered this quick-and-dirty tab to show that it does still work.

The Facebook setup screens have definitely changed, but the changes appear to be mostly cosmetic. From the app setup screen I had to click Add Platform. One of the choices on the popup screen is Page Tab.


Select Page Tab, and then fill in the parameters as below (click to see larger):

New Facebook App Setup Screen.

New Facebook App Setup Screen.

The other thing I had to remind myself to do was go to the Status & Review tab of the UI to click the YES I want to make this live button to take the tab out of “sandbox mode.” It should not be necessary to click the other button for submitting the app for approval – Facebook Tab Manager doesn’t use any of the fancier FB APIs.