Video: Create a Welcome Page with Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress

One of the recent posts on the support forum was from someone asking for a better tutorial on the process for creating a “reveal tab” or “gate tab” that displays a different message to newcomers, enticing them to click that Like button so they can access whatever special content you make available for page fans only. In the process of thinking about how to explain it, I realized it would help if I tried to simplify the process with a little redesign of the software. That’s part of the story behind version 3.1, which reworks the “Reveal Tab Setup” utility to make it easier to record a Facebook App ID associated with your content.

The video below walks you through the process. It ends abruptly because I recorded it using Jing (the poor man’s Camtasia, limited to 5 minutes). Still, I think it covers the essentials, ending right as I show how to register a Reveal Tab URL in Facebook, record the App ID provided by Facebook in WordPress, and then follow the Add to Page link that allows you to add this tab to a specific Facebook page for your business or organization.

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