New “Add to Page” method in Facebook Tab Manager 2.9.6

Download the latest version of Facebook Tab Manager for a smoother experiencing adding your tabs to one or more Facebook pages.

Facebook’s decision to eliminate the automatically created profile pages for apps invalidates the instructions I previously supplied, which relied on clicking an “Add to Page” link on the profile page for your app. Hard to do that if the app profile page isn’t there!

Instead, Facebook is providing new instructions for apps to add tabs to pages. I’ve tried to simplify this process by modifying the documentation and tools displayed within the editor for Facebook Tab Manager. If you record the App ID provided by Facebook, Facebook Tab Manager will now display its own Add to Page link.

Look for the App ID field under the “Install This as a Facebook Tab” section of the documentation.

Record the App ID here

Then click the Add to Page link that will be displayed …

Add to Page link

And you will get the dialog for adding the tab associated with that App ID to one or more pages.

Update 12/20/2011: There is now an Add to Page admin screen in Facebook Tab Manager (version 2.9.7) that allows you to register the App IDs associated with a reveal tab URL or another custom URL (for example, re-purposing an existing page or blog post with the ?fb=tab query string).

The utility creates a link in the format: