Facebook Tab Manager Checkbox Controls

When you create or edit a Facebook Tab Manager post, a number of checkbox options are displayed below the content of your post. These same options appear on the Settings screen for the plugin, allowing you to set the defaults you use most often. Here is an explanation of what the checkboxes do.

Explanation of Checkbox Controls

  • Open Links / Post Forms to New Window: -Sets <base target=”_blank” /> in the head of your document. Without this, any links users follow will cause the target page to appear within the IFrame of your Facebook tab, which may not be what you want if the target page won’t fit neatly within a 520-pixel wide frame. Check here if you are presenting a list of links and don’t want to code each one to open in a new window. Should also work with forms set up for HTTP POST (not necessarily for AJAX forms).
  • Template should execute theme/plugin code in HTML head – wp_head() command. If you are displaying interactive content from your WordPress site that depends on plugins loading custom JavaScript or styles, the output of those scripts and stylesheets is often associated with the wp_head command or wp_footer command, depending on whether the output is targeted at the beginning or the end of the document. Usually, most of the action is in wp_head. You can selectively turn off actions associated with these function calls in the Advanced settings section.
  • Template should execute theme/plugin code in page footer – wp_footer(): See explanation for wp_header. The code for statistics and analytics tracking of your site is often output here.
  • Set resize/autoresize (for tabs taller than 800 pixels). Adds JavaScript commands that resize the IFrame within which your content is displayed. You should only enable this when it is really required, as it requires a download of the Facebook JavaScript libraries.
  • Hide post title, only show post content words / images. You can turn off the display of the post title if, for example, the content you want to display is one big image, and displaying the default title up top would detract from it.

Show Advanced – turn off selected WordPress filters and actions

In general, you only need to fuss with these options if you are seeing inappropriate content or styling appearing within your Facebook Tab Manager posts and need to selectively turn off features of your theme or plugin that are causing conflicts. Example: If a plugin is filtering post content to add links or icons that you do not want to appear on your Facebook tab. Or, you want the wp_head actions to run so you get the benefit of JavaScript libraries being loaded, but you need to disable an action that inserts a background image via CSS styling.

Check the items you wish to DISABLE. If you have not checked above to execute wp_head or wp_footer actions, you can ignore those sections. The core system filters for the_content are in bold so you know which ones you should probably leave alone.

Determining the purpose of these filters and actions can require some guesswork, and the exact list in each section will vary depending on the plugins and options you have enabled.

Some common ones:

DISABLE the_content filters

  • do_shortcode – adds shortcode output
  • wptexturize – pretties up quote marks and dashes
  • wpautop – adds paragraphs

DISABLE wp_head actions

  • wp_enqueue_scripts – adds JavaScripts in the specified order
  • _custom_background_cb – sets background for Twentyten theme
  • wp_print_styles – prints CSS
  • wp_print_head_scripts – prints scripts

DISABLE wp_footer actions

  • wp_print_footer_scripts – prints footer scripts
  • stats_footer – WordPress.com stats footer

On my site, I’ve had to disable the sociable_display_hook on the_content to prevent the Sociable plugin from adding links to the end of my tab posts as if they were blog posts. If enable wp_head, I have to disable _custom_background_cb to prevent the background image from my website from being displayed in the tab frame.